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This region is mainly semi-arid.

The northern coastline of this region is mainly rocky. Towards the south, the coastline undergoes a gradual change from steep and rocky to increasingly wider-spaced rocky headlands, separated by sweeping sand beaches.

Biological communities along the west coast generally exhibit low species richness, with high biomass values being achieved by a few species, including kelp, limpets, black mussels, abelone, rock lobsters and a number of fish and bird species.

Physical features



Acknowledgement: Some information and photographic material on this page were obtained from a CD-Rom application developed by WAMTechnology cc during 1998 for the Lisbon ’98 Expo. The project was sponsored by the South African Communication Services in cooperation with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry and the Department of Environment Affairs and Tourism. Numerous organizations and persons supplied material (Dr. Dirk van Driel, SATOER and the CSIR were major the contributors of photographic material).

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