AWTP Membership Information

Membership Information

As per its declared aims and objectives, the primary focus of the Association will be on the development of current and entry Process Controllers as well other water treatment practitioners, service providers and manufacturers of water treatment products. Notwithstanding this provision, the membership strategy will be as follows:

• The Association shall have two (2) classes of Members, namely: Voting Members and Non-voting Members;
• The qualifications, rights and obligations for membership for each class of Member and costs associated with each class of Member shall be amended from time to time by the Governing Board;
• Both natural and juristic persons (including profit companies) shall be entitled to become Members. Juristic Members shall appoint a natural Person as a representative of the juristic Member;
• The Association shall maintain a register of Members;
• The Governing Board shall, with effect from the Designated Date, designate whether such Member is a Voting Member or a Non-voting Member and shall cause existing Member’s names and class to be entered into the Register as soon as possible after the Designated Date.

New Members

• Persons who are not yet Members and who wish to apply to become Members, shall be required to make application in the manner and form provided for in the Rules of the Association;
• Applications for membership shall be on terms set by the Board and such application shall be reviewed by the Governing Board;
• Members shall be admitted on notice from the Office of the Association, provided that the Board may, in its sole discretion, admit or refuse to admit any Person and/or organisation as Member before such recommendation is placed before the President for his signature. The decision of the Board on whether to admit or not admit a person as a Member is final and not subject to appeal or review by any Person;
• Following admission as a Member, a Member shall have the right to attend all general meetings of the Association.

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