20th Century

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~Johannesburg Water Supply: In September, the Town Council (which was appointed in May of that year), suggested that a public body representative of the mining interests and the various municipal bodies along the Rand, should be established to obtain water in bulk, which would be supplied wholesale to the mines and public bodies, who would in turn supply water to individual customers. (Ref 11).


~Johannesburg Water Supply: The Rand Water Board was established with an area of supply covering 4548 square kilometres – about one quarter of the area supplied by the board today. (Ref 11).

~Most severe snowstorm in memory of South Africa. Sow 1.5 m deep in East Griqualand where 13 000 sheep froze to death on 12 June 1902. (Ref.10).

~Johannesburg Sewerage: A survey of the insanitary area carried out in August 1902 gave the area as 172 acres (69,9ha). The area which included the Brickfields (later Burghersdorp) and a small part of Fordsburg had a population of 5 651. (Ref 11)

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