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Most of the dams (75%) in the Northern Cape were constructed before 1977 (>40 years old).  Since 1197 no dams were constructed in the Northern Cape.

Boegoeberg Dam

Constructed in the 1930s, the Buchuberg Dam was one of the first attempts to tame the lower reaches of the mighty Orange River for irrigation purposes. (source: Lani van Vuuren, Water Wheel)

ConstructedCapacity (mil.cub.m)Wall TypeRiver
193120GravityOrange River

Smartt Dam

Smartt Dam situated near Britstown is mostly used for irrigation.

ConstructedCapacity (mil.cub.m)Wall TypeRiver
1963100EarthfillOngers River

Factsheet – Northern Cape Dams

Factsheet - Dams in the Northern Cape
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