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There are >76 dam in North West with a capacity >20 000 m3.  Most of the dams in the North West were constructed between 1957 and 1997.

Marico-Bosveld Dam

The dam was built during the Great Depression of 1933. 75% of the labour was white and 25% was black. The main engineer on the project was Timothy d’Oliveira. The dam was built to provide work and income to people at the time. (Wikipedia)

ConstructedCapacity (mil.cub.m)Wall TypeRiver
193328Homogeneous Earth-fillGroot Marico

Roodekopjes Dam

Roodekoppies Dam is a concrete gravity type dam located on the Crocodile River near Brits, North West, South Africa. It was established in 1986 and serves mainly for irrigation purposes and domestic and industrial use. The hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high. (Wikipedia)

ConstructedCapacity (mil.cub.m)Wall typeRiver
1986103Concrete, gravity and EarthfillCrocodile river

Vaalkop Dam

This dam was established originally in 1972 to supply water for the platinum and associated metal mining operations in the area.

ConstructedCapacity (mil.cub.m)Wall typeRiver
1972 and raised in 200854Gravity and EarthfillElands River

Factsheet – North West Province dams

Factsheet for dams in North West Province
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